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Many flashlights have small imprint areas. They are decorated by pad printing or laser engraving.

These processes do not lend themselves well to small fonts, fancy fonts, shadows, screens or gradients. We recommend a bold logo or font for best reproduction. Consider also what you want on them. You cannot tell your life story in one-half inch of space.

For a gift, the logo alone might be perfect. For a promotion, the logo with "tag line", phone or web site works well. More is not always better.

If you have questions, we're here to help with your art.

LED Flashlights
Used to be, a flashlight was a flashlight, there were big ones & small ones. As long as it had a bulb, a handle and an on/off switch, you could pretty much count on it to accomplish whatever task needed doing. Not so anymore. Flashlight technology has evolved to the point where you almost have to be an engineer to understand the differences between models. With a mind-boggling array of options to choose from – presented in packaging smeared with confusing terminology and unsubstantiated claims – many consumers simply give up and make their decision based on price. However, if you’ve ever bought the cheapest flashlight available only to have it break the first time you took it camping, or if you’ve ever spent $80 on a high-end torch but were disappointed with the light it shed, you know that going by price alone is one of the worst ways to choose a flashlight. Try telling a burgular to wait a minute while you find another flashlight!

Quality is especially true of LED flashlights. Introduced a decade ago, LED flashlights have quickly become the new standard in handheld lighting. While we can still get regular flashlights in some cases, we primarily feature quality LED's or CREE® Brand LED lighting on this site because of their value.

What is CREE® Brand LED lighting?
CREE® Brand LED lighting is highly energy-efficient ultra bright light source. CREE® leads the LED lighting revolution and is making energy-wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete through environmentally friendly LED lighting. CREE® classifies or bins models of LED on the basis of light output, with each bin number being about 5% additional flux, or light output. Bin numbers may be P4, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, R2, R4 and R5.
Benefits of CREE® LED compared to standard LED
• The CREE® LED provides over 50% more lumens
of brightness when compared to the standard LED.
• CREE® LED is safer to use because it does not contain mercury
• CREE® LED uses a technology called “Solid-State” technology,
which allows for effective dimming and eliminates flickering of light.

Maintenance Tips
Basic maintenance is pretty simple - give it basic care. It's best not to drop your flashlight or put it in abnormal conditions.

However, the most common problems we see are battery related. It won't work if it has no power. Even the most energy efficient flashlight needs to be checked occassionaly. If in doubt, put in new batteries. It's cheap insurance. While on the topic, we have seen many electronic devices ruined by cheap leaking batteries. Once corrosion starts, you are in trouble. While we are not not in the business of selling batteries, we strongly reccomend Duracell. Some of our suppliers even offer them as an upgrade.

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